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Why Choose Forbes Select Vacuum Cleaners?

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Sweep, mop, spray, swab and steam cleaning at click of a button.

The vast range of vacuum cleaners with powerful suction and deep cleaning technology can clean your indoor, outdoor and car space with ease.

Back Protect

Traditional cleaning methods like mopping and sweeping requires bending, causing unnecessary strain on the spine leading to back, knee and joint pain.

Forbes Select Products

Forbes Select Vacuum Cleaner Deep Cleaning Series

Explore the range of robotic vacuum cleaner that sweeps, mops and sanitizes surfaces to make daily cleaning hassle-free

Forbes Select Vacuum Cleaner with Zero Bend Technology

Explore convenient and powerful range of upright Vacuum Cleaners to suit your modern lifestyle and homes.

Forbes Select Vacuum Cleaner Deep Cleaning Series

Explore Vacuum Cleaners with deep-cleaning technology, powerful suction and versatile range of cleaning accessories.

Why choose a vacuum cleaner

over traditional cleaning methods?

Your home’s most dangerous enemy? Dust and dirt which triggers,

  • Regular bouts of cold, cough, sinus and throat infection
  • Causes chronic respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, allergies, etc.
  • Breeds dust mites and microbes which grow and multiply due to humidity

Choose a vacuum cleaner with specialised accessories to reach microscopic microbes like dust mites, cockroach skin, pollen grains, animal dander and mould that cause several allergic disorders, asthma, respiratory disorders and hay fever.

Forbes Select Advantage

Trusted by over 5 million satisfied customers

Developed by a state-of-the-art R&D facility with high-end testing equipment

Offers a wide range of products & accessories, developed after extensive consumer research and usage

Highest selling vacuum cleaners in India, for over 36 years

Largest network of service technicians, ensuring 100% service within a 5 km radius